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Domestic Ventilation

Heat Recovery or  Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR)

Heat recovery is extracting dirty humid air out from your kitchen and bathrooms recovering as much of the warm air as possible mixing this with fresh air and pump it into other rooms in the house such as lounge and bedrooms meaning less heat loss than normal extraction systems and therefore saving money on your heating bills.

Government legislation and building requirements require that new homes are built with very low air leakage rates so they are more airtight to ensure less heat is lost and make modern houses have a lower carbon footprint.
This can cause poor indoor air quality as condensation and pollutants generated from cooking, cleaning, washing, and bathing remain trapped inside the home.
MVHR offers year-round, whole-home ventilation that will remove condensation and pollutants, improving the indoor air quality.

Benefits at a glance:-

  • A continuous supply of fresh air to ensure good air quality
  • No build-up of radioactive radon in the air we breathe that can be higher inside buildings.
  • Eliminate surface condensation.
  • Prevent mold growth
  • Reduce house dust might populations.
  • Reduced heating bills because the heat is recovered

MVHR installations should be designed separately for each building it is installed into. We can install maintain and test MVHR systems to ensure they are installed and operating correctly.

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