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Electrical Heating

 There are many different types of electrical heating available to choose from and we aim to be able to supply and fit the heating of your choice. The current electrical heating in most properties is the old type of storage heaters. These require an off-peak supply. These storage heaters are good from the point of view that they are really easy to maintain.

The more modern storage heaters are more efficient at holding their heat. These generally require an off-peak and on-peak supply. These offer better thermostats that are easy to read and set the temperatures to how you would like the room. Also, they have a programming feature so you can select the most economic of times for when you are at home or at work. These heaters will save you money in the long term but can some times require extra wiring and the initial cost of the unit can be higher.

Oil-filled heaters and towel rails. These heaters are on peak heaters that are controlled by either thermostat or by timer and thermostat. Oil heaters are very similar looking to normal radiators and offer heat on demand when you want it.

Tubular heaters are heaters that rely on a normal on peak supply. Tubular heaters are used as a guard against damp and frost in winter months for cupboards and other places such as sheds and greenhouses and can also be put into airing cupboards when there is no hot water tank to keep the cupboard warm.

Panel heaters are used in rooms where there is no other heating and no means of having an off-peak supply. Some panel heaters can also be used in bathrooms. Whilst these heaters are not the most efficient way of heating a room they can be very effective at keeping the cold out.
Downflow heaters are fan heaters that are most commonly used in bathrooms and are fixed on the wall at a high level blowing the heat down. They are very effective at heating a small room quickly. These require an in peak supply.

Underfloor heating is an on-peak supplied heating system that is hidden away under a floor such as tiles or laminate and delivers an even distribution of heat and is fairly efficient. There is no clutter from bulky storage heaters or radiators. Underfloor heating comes in the form of mats or loose cable also the thermostat is required to control the heat.

Water heaters are heaters that are generally over sink heaters where there is no hot water available. These come in a variety of sizes including 3,5 and 7 liters.

We also carrier out immersion heater replacement and repairs For more information feel free to email or phone

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